Loan RatesSavings RatesShare Certificates

Effective as of: 07/01/2012


New VehicleUp to 36 Mos3.00% - 9.50%
New VehicleUp to 60 Mos3.25% - 14.00%
New VehicleUp to 72 Mos4.00% - 14.00%
Used Vehicle 1-6 yrs oldUp to 60 Mos3.25% - 14.00%
Used Vehicle 7 yrs oldUp to 54 Mos3.25% - 14.00%
New Boats, RVs, MotorcyclesUp to 72 Mos4.00% - 14.00%
Used Boats, RVs, MotorcyclesUp to 60 Mos3.25% - 14.00%
Unsecured/Line of CreditUp To 60 Mos7.00% - 15.00%
Other CollateralUp To 60 Mos3.25% - 14.00%
Share SecuredUp To 60 Mos3.00%*
Filing Fee
You will be charged a lien filing fee for any advance in which the credit union takes a security interest in your collateral.
Collection Costs
You agree to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this agreement to the extent permitted by state law.
Late Charges
If you are more than ten days late in making a payment, you will be charged $10.00.
Minimum payment with each advance is $25.00 per month.
*If you are using a Share Certificate for your share secured loan, your rate will be 1.50% above the dividend rate you are earning for that Share Certificate with a floor of 3.00%.
For rates showns as ranges, the APR you receive will be within the range disclosed above and is based on your credit worthiness. Please ask us for the initial rate that you qualify for.
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